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Dear Community

As you may already know, Skull Camp Volunteer Fire and Rescue is 100% volunteer. We are the only fire department in the county that provides fire suppression, rescue operation and first response. As a department, we believe that you should receive the very best for your tax dollars. We take pride in our responsibilities and our community. We are a highly trained organization that strives to answer each and every call to the best of our ability.

I want to invite you into our department at any time to meet us and see what we are about. I also want to thank you for all the great community support. Please contact the station with any questions that you may have and I or a Chief Officer will contact you as soon as possible. Please remember that we provide smoke detector tests and battery replacement, as well as home safety inspections, and any other fire related service you may need.

Thank you again for the support. I am proud to be the Fire Chief of the best community in the world.


Joshua Moose
Fire Chief, SCF&R