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Skull Camp Volunteer Fire and Rescue was formed in 1977. We are a fast fast growing organization with a true sense of community involvement and dedication. We serve 24/7, reaching out to those in their time of need and extending a helping hand in times of emergency.
The mission of the Skull Camp Volunteer Fire and Rescue is to provide a variety of services designed to save and protect lives and property in the Lowgap and Buelah communities. This is accomplished by providing prompt and professional fire and rescue services during accidental, man-made, and natural emergencies.
March 22 1977 - Skull Camp VFD is established, one year later the ground breaking takes place to house the new Engine (pictured). This would be the department's second engine, and joined the fleet of two Engines, a Tanker, and a "Brush Buggy". In that first year of service the department responded to a reported 16 fire calls, led by then Fire Chief / Board President, Chief Jerry Fore.
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Dokota Todd

Most Active Officer
Andrew Casstevens